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"I went fishing out of Sarasota in the Gulf of Mexico just off Lido Key with my twin brother and Dad this morning. The wind was out of the northeast and the beach was pretty flat. The bite was on and the fish were BIG. The first Redfish in the boat was my brother Steve 26 1/2 lbs. The next Redfish was me 34 1/2 lbs. Dad landed a Grouper at about 5 lbs. We also landed 13 Flounder".
John Doe
"Jim Sylvester and his wife, Brenda, flew in from Washington D.C. to do a couple days of fishing on Sarasota Bay. The weather was very foggy and navigating was tough but the fish were still there. On our second day we found some Redfish along with plenty of Snapper and some Sheepshead. Brenda managed to catch a nice Flounder".
Jim Sylvester
"Jay Retzes and his son, Bryce flew in from Wisconsin to go fishing in Sarasota bay with me. We caught Snapper and Grouper off the rocks in Big Pass, just off the North end of Siesta Key. Bryce caught a nice Gag Grouper but it was 3 inches short".
Jay Retzes
"Paul Hargreaves and the gang from the United Kingdom were here during the Thanksgiving Holiday. His friend, Paul, caught a nice 27 inch Redfish on Sarasota Bay. The bite was on quite well all morning. We also caught Mangrove Snapper, Sheepshead and Flounder".
Paul Hargreaves
"Bruce Loss and his family came over from Orlando on their Thanksgiving Vacation to get a little fishing time in on the Gulf of Mexico off of Lido Key. Bruce's 14 year old daughter landed this Redfish of a lifetime. It was 43" by 24" and weighed 31 pounds. Way to go Jean Marie!"
Bruce Loss
"Bob Hoffer and his golf buddies were fishing on the Gulf of Mexico just off Lido beach this morning. We were looking for Mackerel. There were lots of them around. We ended up with some prize catches, Flounder up to 20 inches".
Bob Hoffer
"Jason Pearson and his family were fishing in Sarasota Bay today. We caught many Jack Crevalle in our first spot then, we moved on to find some mangrove snapper for the frying pan. It was a great morning".
Jason Pearson
"Beth Killgo and her husband went fishing on Sarasota Bay this morning. The Redfish were cooperating and Beth out fished her husband all morning long. They had a few fillets for a nice fish lunch on their stay at Siesta Key".
Beth Killgo
"Jerry and Becky Karnas of Siesta Key picked up a gift certificate that I donated to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Alex Miller and his family put on a great party and raised lots of money for the foundation. Jerry and the family were fishing just off Siesta Key beach in the Gulf of Mexico this morning on a 4 hr. Trip. The birds were working over the bait fish and gave away mackerel and Little Tunny. We moved in and put the anchor down and started to fill are cooler with the tasty fish".
Jerry and Becky Karnas
"Matthew and Brandon Faulkner along with their Grandfather headed in to the Gulf of Mexico off Siesta Key. The Mackerel were jumping in the boat along with plenty of Sharks. Brandon was in high hopes of bagging a shark. Dreams do come true. A picture is worth a thousand words".
"Angela Mcsweeney along with son Keith went fishing in Sarasota Bay this morning. There was action on the rods, Trout, Pompano, Jack Crevalle and Sharks. Keith is 3 years old and it was his first time on a boat".
Angela Mcsweeney
"Eric Hess and I went in to the Gulf of Mexico off Sarasota this morning trolling for mackerel. The fishing just off Siesta Key has been very good all month. The Mackerel run is on fire this fall along with Sharks, Little Tunny and Cobia. Eric is the 4th generation in his family business Hess BBQ in Pennsylvania".
Eric Hess
"Kathleen Wheeler along with her friends from the Longboat Key Club were fishing in the Gulf of Mexico this morning. The bite was slow to start but it did not take long for it to turn on. The Spanish mackerel and Little tunny were jumping in the boat, then a school of Cobia came by and Kathleen hooked a keeper, it was the biggest fish of the day".
Kathleen Wheeler
"Heather and Chris Resor along with their friend Gene Seale went fishing in Sarasota Bay this morning. The bite was on and we caught many species of fish, Trout, Sea Bass, Mangrove Snapper Jack Crevalle and Sheepshead. Heather had the fight of a life time with a big Jack in the pass by New Pass bridge".
Heather and Chris Resor
"Phillip Jones was fishing with me in Sarasota Bay today the weather was great and so was the fishing. He took home 9 nice mangrove snapper and released trout and blue fish on his trip.".
Phillip Jones
"Lin Cotman and his wife Cynthia from Washington D.C. Where on a 4 hr. Inshore trip today. The caught of the day was Redfish, Black Drum and Mangrove Snapper. It was Lin's Birthday and they couldn't wait to get back to the condo so they could have a fish fry".
Lin Cotman
"Andre Kasvegar and his family went fishing this morning. We had a 4 hour offshore trip planned and the weather was beautiful. We went about 8 miles offshore. We caught Spanish mackerel, large Barracuda, little Tunny and Mangrove Snapper. The big barracudas ate a lot of our fish while we tried to bring them in "."Phillip Jones was fishing with me in Sarasota Bay today the weather was great and so was the fishing. He took home 9 nice mangrove snapper and released trout and blue fish on his trip.".
Andre Kasvegar
"Norman McGuire and his 3 sons Tim, Shawn and Gavin went on a 6 hour inshore trip today. We fished the deep grass flats in 6 to 7 foot water hoping for some rod bending action We caught Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Mangrove Snapper, Baby Sharks and many More Species. The 7 year old,Gavin, had the Catch of the day. He hooked and landed a 24 inch Snook. Snook are out of season so we took photos and released it".
Norman McGuire
"Doug and Brenda Jones, along with their son and daughter, Kevin and Erin from North Carolina. Went on a 4 hour inshore trip this morning. We caught several Trout on our first drift along with some Spanish Mackerel and Jack Crevalle. Later on we went to go look for some Redfish. We struck out in our first spot. When we got to our second spot, the show was on. Erin hooked and landed a 26 inch Redfish. Her brother, Kevin came right back with a 25 inch Redfish. Their dad, Doug showed them both up with a 32 inch Redfish. It was 5 inches too large so we had to put it back. Erin was not to be out done. She finished the day with another 25 inch Redfish".
Doug and Brenda Jones
"Elliott Giffin and his 4 friends went on a 8 hour inshore trip today. They all just graduated from high school in Tennessee this year. They had the trip of a lifetime. We moved in to fish by one of the docks and the guys looked over the front of the boat and said, "what kind of fish are these?" I moved to the front of the boat to see what they were looking at. It was a huge school of Redfish. In the next 90 minutes we hooked 44 fish and landed 38. Here's the count: Elliot Giffin - 8 Redfish, Biggest 31.5 inches. Josh Courtney- 4 Redfish, Biggest 33 inches (the biggest of the day). Cole Rogers- 9 Redfish, Biggest 32 inches. Josh Jayfield- 7 Redfish, Biggest 32 inches. Brandon Thomas- 10 Redfish, Biggest 31 inches. In all my years fishing Sarasota Bay, this was by far my best trip ever when fishing for Redfish".
Elliott Giffin
"John Roddy from Bradenton and his family went out this morning on a 4 hour inshore trip. We put back many short trout from 13 to 14 inches. John's wife Rhonda put on a show with a 21 inch trout and a 14 inch Mangrove Snapper! His mother from Oklahoma did well with the snapper on the last dock that we fished. Ashley boated a nice Spanish mackerel to finish the day off".
John Roddy from Bradenton
"Karol Gross from Minnesota along with her son and friend were on a 4 hr. Inshore trip on this beautiful first day of August. The trout were biting and we put 7 in the box along with some nice mangrove snapper (one measured 16 inches). The one Redfish that we caught was too big at 31 inches, so we took a picture and put it back. After a great morning, the ladies were planning a fish fry".
Karol Gross
"Pat Chapman and his son, John, went on a 6 hour inshore trip today. The weather at the end of July is just Beautiful. There were lots of Mangrove Snapper and Spanish Mackerel in the first spot that we fished. After an hour we moved onto the Redfish. We caught 3 in the slot. John's large one was 23 inches. His dad, Pat, caught a 19 and a 22 inch Redfish. We moved out to the flats looking for Trout, using Live sardines and Berkley Gulp Baits. We caught many that were short but we did have some in the slot for the box".
Pat Chapman
"Lorna Pierce along with her gang, Lu Ann, Taylor, Loren and Sydney went fishing with me again this year. We went out last year and we got rained out but the weather was great this time. We started out fishing for Snapper. We boated 12 keepers along with 4 Spanish mackerel and 2 nice Sheepshead. Then we moved up to the North Bay looking for some Trout. Taylor's first cast, hooked herself a 5 pound Pompano, what a treat. The Trout bite was pretty good. They hit just about anything we put in the water. We had 5 keepers and through back a lot of short ones. They couldn't wait to get home so they could have a fish fry".
Lorna Pierce
"Jill Martin from Sarasota, along with her friend and nephew went out on a evening trip. We caught lots of Mangrove Snapper and Spanish mackerel. Young Tanner caught the prize fish of the night, it was a nice Black Drum".
Jill Martin
"We had the handicap fishing tournament for the July 4th festivities today. Haley and Tim were on our boat. They were very excited to be there. Haley caught a 22 inch Trout and Tim caught a 20 inch Trout. My daughter, Leslie, and Josh, from Hart's Landing went along to help. We all had a great time. Captain Keith from the Wizard on Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch was guest of Honor at the award ceremony. A big thanks to him and his crew for coming".
"kevin Biglane along with his wife, Cheryl, his daughters, Amber and Emily, and his nieces, Sam and Sidney, went on a 4 hours fishing trip this morning. With that many girls on the boat there was plenty of luck to go around. Everyone caught Trout and Ladyfish. Cheryl took top honors with a 23 inch Trout. Emily had a 22 inch Redfish and Sam had a Redfish at 22 inches and a Trout at 22 inches".
kevin Biglane
"Cole Ishmiel and his brother in law, Jeff, from Illinois went on a 4 hour inshore trip today. The weather was not to favorable again but we did manage to find 10 nice Mangrove Snapper up to 14 inches. Later on with the incoming tide we had about a dozen shrimp left and managed a pair of Redfish, 24 and 26 inches long
Cole Ishmiel
"Craig Nelson along with his son, Tony, and nephew, Dean, went on their first fishing trip this morning. Speckled Sea Trout was the name of the game and they caught 10 keepers. During the Trout fishing, Craig hooked a Tarpon on 10 pound gear and fought it through 7 riveting jumps before the line broke. The fight only lasted 15 minutes but that was long enough for Craig. It was a fish he'll never forget".
Craig Nelson
"Robyn Sitzer and her nephew went fishing this morning. The weather was beautiful with lots of white bait on the beach. After a couple of throws with the cast net we headed to the north bay to look for some Trout. The fish were held up on the deep grass flats and cooperating well. We caught a dozen fish from 14 to 21 inches".
Robyn Sitze
"Edward Gombedo and his son Ed Jr. went this morning. We caught nice Redfish to 24 inches, lots of big Mangrove Snapper, Spanish Mackerel and Trout. We had a couple of rain delays but finished the day with a good catch".
Edward Gombedo
"Jackie Hudson from Kansas and her grandmother went offshore with me this morning. The weather was beautiful and the seas were smooth. Jackie is a college student in Kansas and her dream was to catch a shark. Well she did just that along with other species".
Jackie Hudson
"Roger Weathers from Michigan and his cousin, James, Went out on the Gulf of Mexico for the first time today. It was just like a story book. Bait fish and fish were jumping all around the boat. We caught Lesser Amber Jack, Mangrove Snapper, Yellow Tail Snapper, King Mackerel and several other species. They couldn't wait to get home to have a cookout".
Roger Weathers
"Kay, Faith and Cindy where fishing with me today Spanish mackerel were thick along the bridge in new pass the ladies had a lot of fun catching them for their fish fry".
Kay, Faith and Cindy
"Len Fulkerson along with his brothers went offshore this morning. We did well and caught several Mangrove Snapper and Lesser Amberjack. Then we got real surprise, A 40" Cobia came up to the boat so we pitched a shrimp at it and it took it right in. After about 10 minutes we landed it".
Len Fulkerson
"I've been very busy this month. There has been lots of Trout and Spanish mackerel in the bay. This morning Stephanie Potakis and her group went out to caught some trout for their fish fry. They caught 7 nice trout and 2 Spanish mackerel. They had plenty for every one ".
Stephanie Potakis
"Scott Knewasser and his family were fishing this morning it was a great day on the water we caught Trout, Spanish mackerel, Bluefish and a small Shark. Scott's wife took pictures of every one all morning and a dolphin came in by the boat".
Scott Knewasser
"Jason Williams and his friend Mark were on a 4 hour inshore trip today. The wind was blowing so we moved to the east side of the bay. We anchored up on a deep grass flat. We caught Spanish mackerel to 24 inches. Sea Trout to 16 inches and a 16 inch flounder. The guys had nice fish for a fish fry".
Jason Williams
"Matt Henriksen along with his father in law and three sons went fishing today. We caught Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder, Mangrove Snapper, Bluefish and Sheepshead. The weather has been getting better and the water has been clearing up. Hope to see you all on the water soon".
Matt Henriksen
"Bob Keffer with his sons and their friend went this morning before the rain came. The Redfish bite was on. We hooked 8 fish and landed 5 of them between 24 and 26 1/2 inches. If you would like to book a trip please call or e-mail the dates are booking up fast".
Bob Keffer
"This morning Mary Beth Torres her friend Don and her two sons went out on Sarasota bay with me. The wind was blowing and the fish were still bitting. Don landed a nice Redfish at 24 1/2 inches and one of the boys hooked a monster Redfish at 29 inches her other son caught a nice mangrove snapper".
Mary Beth Torres
"Alan Bain and his family went out fishing with this morning. We caught Sheepshead and Snapper at the first spot we fished at just off Siesta Key. Later on in the trip we caught Spanish Mackerel, Pompano and Permit. They had some nice fish for their fish fry back at their condo on Anna Maria Island".
Alan Bain
"I went fishing with my new friend Ed. His son and friends were in the boat with us. We caught Sheepshead, Pompano and Spanish mackerel. Ed had some special needs but that did not stop him from catching the Spanish mackerel he was targeting. He reeled it in like and old pro".
"The snowbirds are here and the weather has been great. The fishing has been even better. The Spanish mackerel came in right on the beach and we caught about 40 during the morning trip yesterday. I had 2 trips today. My afternoon trip were some snowbirds from Indiana, Dave and Lisa Sylvester and their friends Bob and Kathy Agley. This was Kathy's first fishing trip and she had a lot of fun. Before I was done cleaning the fish she asked Bob when they could go again. They caught Mangrove Snapper, Sheepshead and Key West Grunt ".
Alan Bain
"Steve Kellam along with his brothers and father went out with me today. They caught lots of snapper, sheepshead, bluefish and Spanish mackerel just off the beach. The water is starting to warm up and the mack's are starting to show. Call and book soon the dates are booking up fast".
Steve Kellam
"Paul Hargreaves and his friend Al went out to day. The Sheepshead spawn is going strong also trout, redfish, pompano and many more species were caught on their trip".
Paul Hargreaves
"Vick Santelli and his son Jamo went 8 miles out this morning with me and did very well. We caught Keys grunts, Mangrove Snapper and Sheepshead the seas were rolling but it was fish able. Late February and all of March are booking up fast so book your trips soon so you can get the date you would like ".
Vick Santelli
"James and Lora Murphy from Wisconsin caught 13 Redfish from 23 to 29 inches, Sheepshead to 14 inches, and Whiting on their trip this morning. The weather was a lot better today and is warming up nicely. March, April, and May are booking up fast so book early to get the date you want".
James and Lora Murphy
"Joe Assenza and his two friends Randy and Dave had a great trip this morning. Joe's Redfish was 28 inches, an inch too big. We had to put it back. In the next spot Randy caught a nice 25 1/2 inch Redfish and some nice Sheepshead. Dave was alittle slow but came up with a couple of nice Sheepshead for the frying pan".
Joe Assenza
"Gaylen Miller and the Midas Muffler gang were down from Iowa for their annual meeting. We had three boats this morning with Captain Terry, Captain Greg and me. It started out slow, but we caught some flounder, sheepshead , black sea bass and black drum. About 10:00am the fish started to bite. Captain Greg's group caught spotted sea trout, pompano and whiting. Captain Terry's group also caught sea trout, pompano and whiting. My group also caught flounder and whiting, but Gaylen had the catch of the day. He landed a 27" redfish around 10:00am".
Gaylen Miller
"Aaron Lee from California went offshore with me today we caught Snapper to 14 inches, Flounder to 15 inches Amber jack and small Grouper. The weather was great and seas were smooth".
Aaron Lee
"Gordon Heule from Wisconsin went fishing with me this morning the wind was blowing 20 to 25. We fished hard all morning and Gordon came up with a 26 inch Redfish for his hard work".
Gordon Heule
"Murray and Patricia Dittmer, Linda, Troy and 7 Year-Old Makevn Winch had a 4 hour offshore trip the morning of the 18th. The weather was beautiful and the little guy caught a 23 inch gag grouper on 10 pound gear in 40 feet of water. The catch for the day rounded out with 7 snapper to 14 inches".
Murray and Patricia Dittmer
"Eric and Jenifer Hart along with their 10 year old daughter and niece caught 45 Snapper to 16 inches, Hogfish, Cobia and Redfish to 30 inches. The weather was nice this morning, but alittle foggy".
"There were big reds, lots of Snapper, Pompano and Trout in the bay. Winter fishing is here and the fronts are coming through weekly. With the low winter tides the fish are easy to find in the holes. Call and book soon, February, March, April and May are booking up fast".