Capt Scott thanks again for the terrific   fishing trip and the wonderful pictures. We'll
    definitely book again the next time we're in the area!

           John Greenfield

    Hey Capt Scott  --   Thanks for the pictures.  They are keepers. The kids, Pete and
    I had a great time.  Thanks for a great trip!  Best of luck on your upcoming
    charters.  We will definitely go out with you again next time we are in the area.
    Till then, keep bending those rods.

               Doug Lane

    Capt. Scott,
    I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you once again for a wonderful fishing
    trip.  The entire family was very happy with the day and we have many memories
    to talk about until our next trip to Florida.  We will definitely be in contact when we
    visit again......until next time......have some safe and productive fishing!!!

           The Cook Family
           Matthew Cook

    Capt. Scott, Well we know it was short, but I want to thank you for the trip.  We
    come down the same time every year and we will be booking with you again next
    year.  Thanks for the wonderful time and for keeping us all safe.

           Lorna Pierce

    Capt. Scott, Thank you so much for the wonderful day and the pictures. We plan
    on recommending you to anyone that heads to Sarasota.
           Caroline, Virginia, and Eric.

    Capt. Scott,Thanks a lot for the great day of fishing and fun. I told the boys that
    this wasn't the flying fish and they would have to man up and grab their own fish
    off the hook. Did you see their faces?? What fun Ha.
    Great pictures.
           Don Jones

    HI Capt. Scott
    Sam and myself had a fantastic days fishing with you - You made our holiday for
    us so thank you very much. We will certainly fish with you again in the future.
    Thank you for the photo`s and I have attached one for you.
    See you again
           Warren and Sam

    Capt. Scott I am looking forward to the pictures, especially of William and the
    pompano. He already called his grandpa, who is pretty sick, and told him all
    about it, so I know he was pretty pleased by it.
           Earl Larson
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Ph: 941-320-8171

    Hello Capt. Scott,
    Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had out on the Gulf. We all felt
    very safe in your capable hands, and will cherish the memories of the "Big Catch".
    Thanks again, and we will be sure to look you up again next year.
    P.S. thanks for the wonderful dipping recipe, we all enjoyed a terrific fish fry.
    Murray Dittmer

    Hi Captain Scott !
    Just wanted to drop you a line....
    Austin had a homework assignment - it was a newspaper front page, about him.
    He had on there that his hero's were - mom, Grandma and Grandpa, and
    Captain Scott and his Brother.  :)
    Thought I'd give ya a smile for the day.
    Then he saw his picture on your website that thrilled him to death. He was so
    Hope the fishing' has been good, and you and your family have been in good
    health !!
    See you in 2010 !
    Tina Heal

    Capt. Scott
    You da man,  let's do it again!
    Thanks Richard Reiss

    Hi Captain Scott,
    My husband (Ed) and our friends had a great time fishing with you and your group
    while on vacation last week.  Ed hadn't fished for 6 years and he was so thrilled to
    have the opportunity.  
    Thank you for helping him and our friends - they really enjoyed the fishing day!
    Liz Shea

    Hello Captain Scott
    Thank you SO much for a wonderful trip!!  We had loads of fun, enjoyed the trout
    and mackerel dinner, and the kids keep talking about their great adventure!  You
    were a joy to be with!  
    In the mean time, all my best, Diane Abshire

    Good morning Scott.  I’m back home now. Anyway, it was a great trip.  My son
    has already asked me several times if we can do it again next year.  We fried up
    all that fish for dinner that night and had plenty left over to have fish tacos the
    next night.  You really did great for us.  Thanks.
    I’ll hope to see you next year.   
    All the best, Rick

    Hi Captain Scott,

                   Thanks for the pictures. We had a great time, and will book you again
    when we are in your area. We also gave your info to a few people at our resort.
    Have a great anniversary!!!
    Best Regards,

    Scott, Thank you so much.  You gave Jackie an experience she will never
    forget.  You were so kind to us, and we'll never forget.  
    Thanks Anita Smith

    Thank you very much for sending the pictures of Eddie & his catch of the day;
    for posting on your website.  I checked your website after coming in from dinner;
    saw Ed's pictures...he didn't believe me when I told him the first time.  However,
    he jumped out of the bed when he realized I wasn't joking.  Needless to say he
    was very proud of himself.
    Thank you for making his day...he couldn't stop talking about it.  In fact, I
    started getting bored with story...sorry no offense to the captain.  Eddie called a
    couple of his buddies back home to share his story.  I forward your email with
    pictures & website to family and friends this morning.  Advertisement for you!  
    Thanks again,
    Nancy & Eddie Wooten
    Aiken, SC

    Captain Scott,
    Thanks for a great time last Friday, we really enjoyed it, and the fish were
    delicious! Thanks for the pics too! See you next year, if not sooner.

    God bless you and your family.

    Passionately Pursuing His Presence,

    Rick Esquivel, The Lakeland Vineyard

    Thank you so much for our outing.  Despite being late, getting out offshore for
    a little while and having to come back early, we ALL had a great time.  My son
    was asking everyone with a fishing pole, the rest of the day, "if they were a
    fisherman like he was."  You made his day, helping him catch his first fish.


    Thanks Scott,

    Trevor and I had a great time! You made Trevor's first big saltwater trip a
    wonderful experience he will always remember!!!
    We hope to come back and we will be sure and give you a call to book
    another trip.

    Hope your benefit tournament went well!

    All the best...
    Trey Davis

    Thanks so much for the photos.
    Our morning on the water was a highlight of our trip.
    Your fish recipe was delicious!
    Hope your leg is well on the mend.

    That was one helluva day!!  Thanks.

    Howard Wells

    Hi Scott,
    Thank you for the pictures, and for the enjoyable time out.  We already
    stuffed ourselves with some tasty fish from today, and we have plenty more
    to tide us over for the duration of our stay this week.  We will be sure to
    pass your information along to some friends of ours who have relatives at
    Anna Maria and come visit annually.  And who knows, we like it here so
    much I could certainly see us coming here again in the future.  Thank you
    again and we hope the rest of 2009 is successful for you and your business.


    Suzie King and Mundy Hackett

    Hi Captain Scott,

    I just wanted to say a big “thank you” for an unforgettable day.   We really
    enjoyed the scenery, the fishing and also your company and comradeship.  
    All 3 Prince generations had a great day, but you were a particular hit with
    Jack my grandson .. .. .. I believe you’ve made an angler of him!  

    We really appreciated the advice (just right) the attention and support and
    most of all the effort you made to make our day special.  While the Redfish
    didn’t want to play ball you did succeed in finding us 9 different species,
    including a 21 inch specimen speckled trout for Jack … I didn’t count the
    tarpon in the nine by the way.  

    And that tarpon – absolutely unforgettable!  He was so nearly ours until he
    got off after 40 minutes.  As I said on the day, I couldn't’t fault your boat
    handling skills and your obvious experience of tarpon tactics on such light

    I wish you every success – you deserve it.  When we come back to Florida,
    we’ll come find you again.

    Tight lines,


    Hi Scott

    Thank you so much for the great fun last week!!!  We had such a great
    time and you did such a great job navigating for some "big" fish!   I look
    forward to our next fishing trip out on your charter!!!  By the way, we had
    a great fish fry dinner when we got home!!

    Thanks again....


    Capt. Scott

    Thank you so much for the opportunity of a life time.  We all had such
    great fun.  We appreciate you and your business so much. We will be in
    touch again hopefully sooner than later.  God Bless you and your

    The Jones Family.

    Thanks again Capt. Scott for a great day.  I will be out again in
    November so book me in for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I
    will call you when I get into town a few days before.

    Best regards
    Paul, Ian and Gary

    Thank you so much for the wonderful time you gave to my husband and
    family.   I am so sorry that Traverse got sick, but Terry said you gave
    him wonderful care .  They all had a wonderful time and they are still
    talking about it and I know they will always have memories,  If we every
    come down again we will surely look you up and do it again.

    We ate the fish that night and it was delicious.

    Thank you so much again...

    Marlene Konsdorf

    Thank you so much for sending these photos.  I have sent them on to
    my team mates.
    We had a great time today!  This was the biggest fish I have caught,
    unforgettable trip.
    Thanks again for making the day so much fun.
    Thank you,
    Kate Wheeler

    Capt. Scott
    Thanks. we had a great time!!!!!!!!!!
    See you next time around!
    Becky Karnas

    Thanks Scott
    We had a great time I will see you in March best regards.
    Doug Lochhead

Thanks Scott!  Had a blast!

Happy New Year!

Joey, Kenny & Mark

    Very cool Scott, THANK YOU for a great time and we look forward to
    seeing you again in the future!

    Jerry Juhl

    Hi Scott,
    Just getting back into the swing of things in the icy north.  Thanks for
    a great day & memories that Matt & I will treasure!
    See you for night fishing in JULY!!!

    Best regards, Sam.

    Dear Captain Scott,
    Kenny and I had a great time! The pictures look great- you can see
    that we are having fun. Next time even bigger fish. Good luck at
    fishing and best of everything to you.

    Izabela and Kenny Sicinski

    Hi Capt. Scott
    Thanks. We will definitely call again next year.

    Kyle Hughes


    Four novices who all had a great time. The two girls who thought
    fishing would be a drag can't stop talking about the great time they
    had.  Once again thanks very much for a great day

    Joe Thompson

    Capt. Scott,
    Thanks for the pictures and the awesome day of fishing.  It was
    truly one of the best things we ever did!  Can't wait to come back
    to FL and do it again.  Take care!

    Kat, Elaine and Derek

    Thank you for the good time You showed us while we were in
    Sarasota for our visit.  I think I can speak for everyone (Rich,
    Shelley, James and myself) We had a wonderful time the weather
    was excellent and with this being James first time there, he has
    already said he is ready for a return trip. I am going to shorten up
    the video of James and his Black Tip Shark and when it is finished
    I will send you a copy.

    Thanks again,
    Keith L. Monroe

    Capt. Scott,

    Thank you for sharing the pictures!  I wanted you to know that we
    had an absolute blast...thanks so much.  We will definitely plan
    another trip over with you in the next few months.

    -- Brent

    Hi Capt. Scott,

    I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you.  We all had a
    wonderful time.  My son cannot stop talking about all the fish he
    caught, and I don't think I will ever hear the end of him getting all
    the "keepers".  I couldn't have asked for a better time.  It was like
    hanging out with family.  We will definitely be giving you a call
    next time we are in town.  

    Star Brown

    Capt. Scott

    Thanks very much for the pics and the video....I'm nearly
    famous down there! It was a great day out and the highlight of
    my holiday and I will remember our day for a long time. Thanks
    again for making it possible and I will certainly hook up with you
    when I get back down your way....and also tell all my friends.

    Take Care out there.

    Best Regards


    Capt. Scott

    Thank you so much! We had a great time today. For sure it
    was one of our best trips ever. We have been bragging all
    afternoon about how great you are. We feasted this evening
    and it was great! Even the people who say they don't like fish
    had to admit it was some of the best fish they ever tasted.

    Sheila Bice

    Capt. Scott

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for an outstanding day
    on the water. Your expertise and hospitality are unmatched.
    The extra effort you put in to the trip was unique. My son-in-
    laws had an experience of a life time and continue to talk
    about it dailey.

    Steve Sams

    Dear Capt. Scott K. Green
    On May 29, 2010 you made a little 10 year old boy’s dream
    come true. My nephew Karl asked me if I could take him
    fishing on a boat, but me being a single mom of two I didn't
    have the funds to do that. So I decided we would just fish off
    the pier, but alone came an angel named Capt. Scott. I was
    scared at first, because I didn't know you. When you asked
    me if we were fishing today and did we want to go on a boat
    all paid for I looked at Karl’s eyes light up and off we went.
    What fun we had not only did his dreams about fishing on a
    boat come true ,but he caught two fish the first one was a
    Black tip shark and the second one was a Spanish mackerel it
    was his dinner tonight yummy. He is so happy! It is 8pm now
    and he is still talking about the day. This is one memory this
    10 year old boy named Karl will never forget who suffers
    everyday of his life with ADHA disorder, today he got to let
    that go and be a little fisherman. That was all because of Capt
    Scott. Words can’t thank you enough for what you did today.
    You truly are a man sent from heaven or should I say a
    fisherman. Thank you and I hope one day we can return a gift
    to you.
    Tanya & Karl

    Just a note of thanks for taking me fishing yesterday. It was
    really fun - and I talked about it all day! It's got to be close to
    15 yrs since I've been out fishing. Not since Dennis sold his
    boat when he was going through all his surgeries.

    So thank you very much,


    Kim Hart

    GREAT.....            P.S. HOPE YOU FOUND YOUR NET!!!

    BOB AND RHONDA Mckinley

         Thanks again Scott.  Great pic’s.  

    We really enjoyed our trip and ate our fish for lunch the
    next three days.  Look forward to seeing you again, next
    time we are down your way.

    Morris Buenemann

    Hi Capt Scott,

    I wanted to thank you again. We had a wonderful time and
    if you ask the kids about the trip, the thing they talk about
    the most is the fishing trip. When I first contacted you, I told
    you the trip had to be fantastic as my husband and
    children had never been fishing in the ocean. You certainly
    exceeded my expectactions. We have recommended you
    to some other people and hopefully they will take our
    advice. Next time we are in Florida we will definitely book
    another trip and hopefully I will be able to hold on to that
    shark until you get the picture!

    Thanks again for a great time!

    Rebecca Jones


    We really had a great time and will definitely go again.  I
    posted a link to your website on my facebook page and
    shared with everyone what a great time we had.

    Thanks again,

    Greg Wrey

    Thanks Scott,
    We had a really good time, and the pics are already on
    there way to our family and friends,

    we'll be in touch,

    Linda Streil

    Capt. Scott

    Thanks for pictures. Just returned to UK this am.
    Thoroughly enjoyed Florida - hot and sticky, Americans
    are very friendly, highlights were air boat trip, fishing and
    canoing in mangrove swamps. Orlando theme parks -
    well I suppose you've got to do it once!


    Nic, Stephanie,
         Christopher and Simon.

    Capt. Scott

    Thanks for taking Vincent and myself out this morning.
    We caught plenty of fish and had a great time (and he
    has acquired plenty of bragging rights)!
    Please feel free to email us the picture(s) of ourselves at
    the email mentionned.

    Thanks again.
    Chris Tardy

    Capt. Scott

    Just wanted to thank you again for the great time
    fishing.   My wife never caught a fish before and she
    caught several.  My 3 kids have very limited experience
    fishing and caught 26 fish combined.  They had a blast!
    You were very helpful, informative and patient and it
    helped make it a great experience for the whole family!  

    Thanks again,  Ed Dailey

    Hi Cap!

    While it's taken a long time for us to drop you this line,
    it's still filled with the excitement from our Father's Day
    spent with you on the water.
    You put us on the fish big time. I've never been on an
    inshore trip where the entire boat limit was met!
    I was really hoping my kids would get excited about the
    prospect of going fishing. Mission accomplished!! They
    recount their fish stories to all of their friends.
    You were great working with my little ones and I enjoyed
    our conversations too.

    We're all looking forward to our next trip out with you
    when we're back down.

    All the best to you and yours!

    The Bartletts



    Dear Captain Scott,

     I wanted to let you know that we had a great time on
    your boat. You were so patient with Bryan (9 years old )
    and his constantly wanting to "check his bait" even
    though he was catching the most fish. In four hours we
    figure we caught over 12 "keepers and close to 30 fish,
    and even if they weren’t keepers, they were fun to catch,
    just not necessarily edible! We had a great time! Bryan
    is already talking about you taking us out next time we
    are in Florida. This time he wants to go out in the Gulf
    and catch a fish that requires him to be strapped into a
    chair. I'm not sure he is ready for that, but we will let you
    decide! We felt safe in every way and you were such a
    pleasure to talk to. You worked hard for us and we
    appreciate it more that you will ever know! I know my dad
    has recommended you to a couple people already! From
    the bottom of my heart, thank you! Feel free to give my e
    mail address to anyone that might want an objective


    Matthew Ross

    Hi Scott!

    We just finished eating some of our fish for dinner. It
    was excellent! Thanks for a great day. Dad has been
    talking about it for two days and had a great time.
    Please don't forget to send me the pics. Have a great
    season and next time I get down, we can try again - and
    the big ones won't get away.

    Tim Owens

    Hi scott,

    Thanks again for a great day of sport fishing, the
    photo's are really good.

    Mark Reeve

    Thanks Scott--we had a blast and I left your card on my
    aunt's fridge. She is coming back down in early
    November and may want to come out with my cousin.

    Thank you for sending!

    Dave Miller


    Thanks again for a wonderful fishing trip - I really had
    a superb experience and have the photos to prove it
    to my buddies!!!

    I would very much like to go out again with you when
    we return to Sarasota which I hope will be very soon -


    Michael Edgecombe

    Hi Capt Scott!

    I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful
    deep sea fishing trip! It really made for a memorable
    experience for my boyfriend's birthday. We had the
    best time on your boat, and I'm so glad we were able to
    catch so many mackerel - just had them for dinner and
    they are tasty! Next time we're in Florida we'll have to
    book again, cuz I want a red fish and a shark!!!

    Thanks again too for teaching me how to open reel
    cast in about 2.2 minutes!  20+ years for me to try and
    figure it out on my own and it takes you 2 mins to make
    me get it... My dad didn't even believe it when I told

    Thanks Again! Take Care!!

    Amanda Merritt


Thank you for forwarding the pictures from our fishing trip;
huge fun!  It was a blast fishing with you and thank you for
taking us to a spot where the fish were biting.  As you
recommended, we took the fish to Walt’s Fish Market.  They
did an excellent job is cooking them.  

We will see you next year……cheers,
Mark Greb

Capt. Scott

Thanks for the pictures, they look great and we all enjoyed
them, everyone had a good time.  

Thanks Marty

Capt. Scott

Thanks - great day and great photos.

Thanks Dave Gallagher

Thanks Capt. Scott.  
We had a great time.  Peyton is still bragging about how
he caught the most fish.  We appreciate you helping him
throughout the day.  The pics are nice and if we are ever
out that way again we promise to schedule another trip.

Stanley Wilson

Capt. Scott,

We had a great time today, just wanted to thank you
again! You have a great nature for teaching my daughter
how to cast. We look forward to our next
visit and trip with you!

Bret and Lauren Burgess

Hey there Scott.

I just had to pass it along again what a fantastic time my
Wife and I had with you on Saturday Afternoon. Truly a
pleasure to fish with you in a low pressure atmosphere.
Your knowledge and friendly approach are tops. We will
definitely be seeing you again for another great day.
Thanks again!

Jim Marko

Hi Capt Scott,
Just a quick note to say thank you for the pictures. What
a great day fishing I had with you.
It was everything I had hoped for.Best wishes to you and
your family.
Next time I am in Sarasota you can be sure I will book

Talk Soon
Steve Baxter

Captain Scott,
Thank you for a great time out on the water last
thursday.  Catching that bonnet head shark and seeing
Erin catch that blacktip shark made the entire trip for
me.  I'm seriously considering flying back down to
Sarasota just to fish big shark for a couple days.

Thanks again,
Sam Fisher  

Capt. Scott
Thanks for the great trip the other day. It was great and
now I caught the fishing bug again.

Andy Evans

Thanks so much capt. Scott.
We had an awesome experience and will certainly refer
anyone we know coming down this way. Its was a great
time and the fish tasted wonderful. I ate a whole platter
to myself!! Hahahaha... Enjoy the rest of your year and
we wish you all the profit and productivity you can

Chris and Greg

Thanks, Capt. Scott,
It was another fun outing on Sarasota Bay. The shark
was delicious, as was the bluefish  :)
We will be sure to book early for our next visit.  Fishing
with you is becoming a tradition!

Thanks Capt. Scott
It was a great day on the water.  You put us on the fish
within minutes of hitting the water and the action was
fast and furious for our entire trip.  My 7 year old son
Kevin caught his biggest fish ever and those Spanish
Mackeral really put his angling ability to the test.  The
highlight though was landing that Black Tip Shark.  High
fives all around for that one!!

Rodbender Charters is where it’s at!!

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